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8 Best Nike Non Slip Shoes for Restaurants 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Find Best Nike Non Slip Shoes

nike non slip shoes for restaurants

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Are You a food soldier who does the most important work in the food-service sector? If you are, then you are not oblivious to the hazards that come with the Job.

Working at a Restaurant is not an easy job. You have to be quick, precise, accurate and active all day to give the best customer service and to prevent unforeseen events like accidents. This can only be possible if you yourself are calm, trained and well equipped. But If you are not, then I bet you are not fully aware of the risks you are taking.

Accidents like slip and falls always happen as you work in food shack, bar, coffee shop or even fine dining restaurants.

For which all you need is a basic, comfy and durable pair of shoes which are perfect and safest to wear on restaurants with the fancy slippery floors or wet surfaces in the kitchen.

There are many brands who make such shoes but If you are a Nike fan like me and looking for some of the best Nike non-slip shoes for restaurants than this post is just for you.

How to find the Best Nike Non-Slip Shoes for Restaurants?

It’s a bit hard to find the best non-slip shoes by Nike that can perform perfectly while working at a restaurant but it isn’t impossible.

Here are some points we have considered while narrowing down the list of best Nike slip-resistant shoes which You should also remember:

  • Always look for a shoe that provides cushioning and support for all-day activities like cooking, serving or taking orders from the customers.
  • The shoe should be flexible enough to bend near the ball of the foot.
  • Look for shoes that offer stable heels support especially if your job requires a lot of standing.
  • Prefer shoe that has a thick enough heel and well-designed midsole to absorb shocks.
  • Always measure your foot before buying a new shoe instead of relying on your previous size. For measuring consider following points:
    • Measure your foot or try your shoes at night, when your foot tends to swell due to all day strains making it the biggest.
    • Have your foot measured at an athletic Store preferably Nike Store each time you buy your new shoe.
    • Wear your socks when trying on new shoes.
    • There should be a finger’s width of space between your longest toe and the back end of the shoe
    • Walk or test your shoe when you first receive it from an online store or walk around wearing them in the physical store.
  • Prefer shoes with rounded edge outsole along with tread patterns and rubber compound to grip wet and greasy surfaces for good traction.
  • Shoes made out of breathable upper with a moisture-wicking feature to keep your foot dry, breezy and sweat-free while cooking in the kitchen or serving in hot summers.
  • Keep in mind the dress codes of your restaurant while choosing the shoe color and style to avoid violation.
  • Replace the shoes when the tread disappears or gets uneven.
  • Don’t try to save money by buying cheap shoes as brands like Nike, don’t compromise on their quality, hence, giving you shoes worth each and every penny.

Here are some DIY Tips to make your Shoes Slip Resistant:

8 Best Nike NonSlip Shoes for Restaurant:

1.  Nike – Men’s Air Force 1 – Low Sneakers:

nike non slip shoes

As in the restaurant, you require a lot of multi-directional movement while cooking or serving, so you require Nike shoes that can provide good lateral support along with comfort and style.

It inherits the iconic AF1 design with a lot of latest features. Combined with leather and synthetic fabric with perforations, a durable, breathable and flexible upper is crafted to give you a breezy and cozy environment inside the shoes so that you can easily work in a restaurant’s kitchen for a whole day.

Its rubber outsole with great traction makes them resistant to slippery surfaces. It is durable and non-marking so that you won’t leave any mark on the restaurant’s fancy floors.

For standing and walking all day, these shoes are equipped with an Encapsulated Air cushioning system along with padded collar to give you a comfortable experience in addition to perfect and snug fit.

They are available for both men and women in all US Standard Sizes, in 38+ Awesome color combination to match it with your uniform or outfit.

Check Price on Amazon

Nike Air Force 1 Low Reviews:

  • About 90% (among 2000+ Reviews analyzed) were positive with buyers recommending this product.
  • Almost everyone has praised its iconic and classic sneaker design.
  • Many reviewers found these shoes with great quality and durability hence, giving great value for money.
  • A lot of reviewers said these shoes are very comfortable with good traction, can easily be used for basketball, walking or wearing at work.
  • Its availability in a wide range of colors helped many to match them with their outfits.
  • About 4% of the reviewers had issues with this product.
  • Few of the reviewers complained that these shoe crease way too easily.
  • Some of the reviewers stated that these shoes are a bit narrow.
  • A couple of reviewers felt that these shoe’s colors are not the same as in pictures.
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2. Nike – Tanjun – Men’s Athletic Running Shoe:

best nike non slip shoes

Maximize your potential and confidence while working at a restaurant with Nike Tanjun shoes. These shoes have a lightweight rubber outsole with rounded edges and square grooves, which facilitates liquid from moving away from the Shoe’s base, providing stability, traction and slip resistance on slippery surfaces.

These Nike non-slip shoes are made with a synthetic and breathable mesh upper along with synthetic overlays, rounded toe and lace-up closure making them best to wear in hot areas like in a restaurant’s kitchen.

For the comfortability, which is an essential requirement for chefs and servers at the restaurants, these shoes feature textile lining, cushioned collars, and padded tongue as well as cushioned foam midsole and injected unit-soles, hence, giving you “walking on a cloud” like experience all day long.

They are available in 30+ color combinations to match them easily with your uniform or you can wear them casually too. Moreover, for people with wide feet, “wide” and “extra-wide” width option is also available.

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These shoes are also available for women, click on the link below to check price on Amazon:
Nike Women’s Tanjun Shoes

Nike Tanjun Reviews:

  • About 85% of the reviewers found these shoes very comfortable.
  • Many reviewers praised its stylish and attractive design along with durability and breathability.
  • About 84% of the reviews found these shoes true to width with moderate arch support and with just right toe box.
  • Many buyers were happy with the shoe’s affordable prices.
  • A lot of buyers were satisfied with sneaker’s slip resistance.
  • Its mesh upper works amazingly in summers by keeping the foot breezy and dry said one of the reviewers.
  • About 7% of the reviewers were unsatisfied with the shoe performance.
  • Few of the buyers found them with low quality due to which they lasted less than a year.
  • A couple of buyers complained that it treads wore out after a few months of use.
  • Some of the users said that these sneakers may run shorter than the standard size.
  • A few of the testers felt that these shoes have slightly less arch support.
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3. Nike – Roshe One – Women’s Running Shoes:

best nike non slip shoes

These running shoes by Nike fulfill all the requirements to make it of the best Nike non-slip shoes for the restaurants.

Starting off with its slip resistance which is ensured by lightweight and durable rubber outsole along with waffle inspired treads to give you multi-surface traction.

These Nike running shoes are breathable and comfortable enough to assist you while working as a chef or serving for the whole day. This is made possible with breathable mesh fabric upper along with comfortable sock liner. Moreover, low top construction with padded collars adds support around the ankles.

To further enhance the comfortability full-length memory foam in the midsole along with durable overlay on the midfoot is included for comfy walking, standing or working all day.

They are available in various sizes and colors for you to choose from. Its sleek and stylish design will always yield compliments from others.

Check Price on Amazon

Nike Roshe One Review:

  • About 82% of the buyers were glad that they bought these shoes.
  • Many reviewers were quite impressed with its lightweight design, stylish looks, and excellent traction.
  • People have been using them casually as well as for running, jogging, gym, games and work without any discomfort.
  • A lot of users were happy as these shoes worked very well In summer keeping their foot dry and sweat-free.
  • 10% of reviews collected were not positive.
  • Some of the reviewers complained that these shoes won’t last longer than 7 to 8 months due to wear and tear.
  • One of the buyers claimed that a hole was developed in the toe area of the sneakers after a few weeks of use.
  • A couple of buyers felt that these Nike non-slip shoes are NOT true to size.
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4. Nike – Air Monarch IV – Men’s Cross Trainer:

best nike non slip shoes

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV are indeed one of the most versatile shoes we have ever come across. No matter what you use them for, they are perfect for everything.

From working to gym, from walking to running, from casual wear to playing, these shoes are durable, comfortable and stylish enough to give you an ultimate experience.

Its upper is crafted with the combination of synthetic leather and mesh fabric along with a breathable mesh lining beneath it to ensure breezy, dry and comfortable internal environment while you are cooking in the hot kitchen or serving your customers on a hot summer day.

To prevent you from slip and fall on the slippery restaurant’s floor, these sneakers feature a multi-pattern rubber outsole along with a pivot point at the ball of the foot and flex grooves to further enhance the comfortability, traction, and multi-directional foot transition.

For cooking or serving all day at a restaurant you require maximum cushioning to avoid foot pains or any other discomfort for which full-length phylon midsole with Air-Sole Technology is embedded under it to give you all-day comfort and shock absorption while walking or standing along with moderate arch support.

Its lightweight structure, rounded toe box, padded collars, and mesh tongue along with lace-up closure and all the features mentioned above combined make these shoes one the best Nike non-slip shoes for Restaurants.

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Nike Air Monarch IV Reviews:

  • About 84% Reviews (among 16000+ reviews analyzed) were positive.
  • Its 90s iconic design with good comfortability, popularity and performance have made these shoes to be called as “The King of Dad Shoes”.
  • People with wide feet were happy to find these shoes available in “Wide” and “Extra Wide” widths.
  • Its availability in 5 color combinations was appreciated by many users as they blend well with any outfit.
  • Its sole is non-marking and slip-resistant which made it easy for many users to wear them on restaurants or gym’s floors.
  • Many users were happy with its great fitting, thanks to its removable insole and perfect design.


  • About 10% of the users were unhappy to buy them due to its squeaking problem.
  • Few of the users also complained about its outsole which fell apart after a few months of use.
  • Some of them found these shoes too narrow and NOT true to size.
  • One of the users complained that its toe box rubs against the toe while walking.
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5. Nike – Air Zoom Pegasus 35 for Men:

best nike slip resistant shoes

The next one on our list is Air Zoom Pegasus 35 by Nike all due to its amazing design, appealing looks and good traction outsole.

For good traction on slippery surfaces, these shoe’s outsole features traction lugs which increases the grip capacity along with lateral crash rails on the lateral side of the sole that absorb shocks upon impact and deliver a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The outsole is made up of a Duralon rubber which is responsive, flexible and durable, hence, giving you an excellent grip on various terrains.

Mesh fabric upper provides a breathable environment and flexibility to the foot. Moreover, Flywire cables with lace-up closure ensure a perfect fit to your foot while walking or running.

Working as a chef or server at a restaurant exerts a lot of strain to the foot due to which Nike Air Zoom Pegasus sneakers are equipped with beveled heels, out-turned collar as well as full-length airbag combined with Nike Air Cushioning Technology in the midsole that runs from heels to forefoot, giving ultimate cushioning while standing, walking or running all day.

They are available in a variety of colorways for both Men and Women along with a wide range of sizes and widths. It has an aesthetically pleasing design and appealing looks that will go good with any of your outfit.

Check Price on Amazon

Check out the Price of Women’s Version Here:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Reviews:

  • About 83% of the reviews (among 2300+ review analyzed) were good.
  • People were quite impressed with its appealing design and mesh fabric upper’s breathability.
  • Almost all reviewers said that it has a just-right toe box, with moderate arch support and are true to width.
  • One of the users with spinal problem praised it comfortability which provide him support and relief from spine and knee pain.
  • Its exceptional grip on slippery surfaces was praised by many reviewers.
  • People have been wearing them for running, walking and working without any discomfort.
  • People with flat feet were happy with the stability of the shoes.
  • • Reviewers with wide feet were glad to find a wide size.
  • About 8% of the reviews received were negative.
  • Few reviewers complained that it outsole ripped apart after few months of use.
  • Some of the users felt that its collar isn’t secure enough while running whereas some had complained about its sizes due to which they may not be true to size.
  • A couple of buyers found it a bit pricy as compared to its competitors.
Check Price on Amazon

A New version of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is also available to buy but due to fewer reviews available, we haven’t included it into the list yet. You can check the price of it from the links below:
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 for Men
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 for Women

6. Nike Men’s Roshe Two:

nike non slip shoes for restaurants

Looking for something light, flexible and comfortable than Nike Men’s Roshe Two could be the part of your wardrobe.

These Nike shoes feature a triple-layer cushioning at the midsole giving you soft and comfy underfoot sensation all day long. To further enhance the comfortability, memory foam sock-liner and padded collars are included.

Its flexible and breathable upper is stretchy enough to adapt the shape of your foot along with lace-up closure to give you a perfect sock-like fit.

Moreover, the moisture-wicking fabric and vented hems in the upper keeps your foot cool, breezy and sweat-free while working in the restaurant’s kitchen or during summers.

They are indeed one of the best Nike non-slip shoes for the restaurants due to its outsole, with molded traction patterns and durable outsole cutouts, hence, increasing its traction and comfortability along with reduced weight.

Match them with your uniform or wear it casually with any outfit. Its sleek and stylish design along with 40 different colorways will make you feel happy and relaxed.

Check Price on Amazon

Nike Roshe Two Reviews:

  • About 85% of the reviewers were quite happy to buy them due to their perfect fitting and appealing design.
  • Many have been wearing them to jobs without violating any code because of its simple design and colors.
  • People were satisfied with its price tag due to its worth paying quality and durability.
  • Most of the reviewers found these shoes extremely lightweight, flexible and breathable.
  • People with sore foot or knee problems found relief to wear them.
  • Reviewers praised its traction making them secure to walk on slippery surfaces.
  • Few people complained about the wear and tear of the shoe after a few months of use.
  • One of the buyers recommended not to wear them while playing games like basketball where lateral movements take place.
  • Some of the reviewers complained that the shoes may NOT be true to width as they were a bit narrow.
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7. Nike – Women’s Revolution 4 – Running Shoes:

nike non slip shoes for restaurants

This entry is especially for women who are looking for some of the best Nike non-slip shoes for the restaurant. Mostly women work on a cash counter, receptions as well as a waitress which requires a lot of walking and standing especially on fancy looking slippery floors.

Nike Revolution 4 for women feature a rubber outsole with semi-circular patterns enclosed the outsole’s rubber pads to prevent premature wear and tear, improve the flexibility and increase the slip resistance making it easy for waitresses to carry food tray without the fear of slip and fall.

While standing or walking especially in hot summers makes the foot quite sweaty and slippery for which Nike Revolution 4’s upper is crafted with the combination of different mesh fabrics to prevent accidental shoe removal, maintain breezy and dry environment and ensuring a snug fit.

Furthermore, padded collars and tongue along with semi-round lace-up closure provide upper foot cushioning and easily adjustable fitting.

To further enhance the comfortability and protection underlays in the toe box and vamps are included. Moreover, soft full-length EVA foam midsole supports smooth foot transition and all-day comfortability with its bouncy and flexible characteristics. Its insole is also designed to provide moderate arch support and to lessen the strain from muscles and tendons.

They are available in 8 different colors with the full black version included making it eligible to wear at work or you can even add different color pair to your wardrobe for casual wearing.

Check Price on Amazon

Nike Revolution 4 Reviews:

  • About 87% (among 2500+) Reviews were positive especially praising its appealing design and comfortability.
  • They are available in a wide width to accommodate people with wide feet.
  • Most of the people were satisfied with its reasonable price tag.
  • Almost all of the testers found them very lightweight with sock-like design providing perfect fitting.
  • Reviewers have used them for standing, walking, dancing, running or at the work without any discomfort.
  • Many users praised its breathability and traction on different surfaces.
  • About 8% of the users faced issues with these sneakers.
  • Some of them complained that the shoe runs smaller than the actual size making them NOT true to Size.
  • A couple of users were unsatisfied with the durability of the shoes as a Hole was developed on the side of the shoes after a few months of use.
  • One of the reviewers suffered foot pain while standing for long.
Check Price on Amazon

8. Nike – Zoom Winflo 5 – Running Shoes for Women:

best nike slip resistant shoes

The last but not the least one in our list of best Nike non-slip shoes for the restaurant is Zoom Winflo 5 by Nike which is amazingly lightweight and nicely cushioned.

To provide great traction and slip resistance on multiple surfaces, these Nike sneakers are loaded with a durable rubber outsole with waffle inspired treads. Moreover, the flex grooves enable the foot to bend naturally during the gait cycle while walking or running.

These versatile performance shoes are equipped with Cushlon foam along with crash rails in the midsole to prevent discomfort. It also absorbs shock upon impact and provides adequate arch support as well as all-day comfort walking serving or cooking at the restaurant.

Like other shoes mentioned above, Nike Zoom Winflo 5 Sneakers also feature a breathable mesh upper for ventilation of air, creating a breezy, dry and sweat-free environment from within. Moreover, a traditional lacing system with connection to Flywire cables provide great support, customized and snug fit to your foot.

They are available in full black color along with a wide range of colorways that easily blend in with any outfit you wear.

Check Price on Amazon

Nike Zoom Winflo 5 Reviews:

  • About 87% of the reviewers recommended this product to others.
  • Reviewers with foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis found relief in wearing them.
  • Many reviewers were quite impressed with its available appealing colors.
  • People have been wearing them to work, gym and running without any discomfort.
  • One of the Users was quite impressed as shoes didn’t require any break-in time.
  • Almost every user found them very comfortable and supportive.
  • About 4% of the reviews received were negative.
  • Few users felt these shoes have unordinary colors.
  • Some of the users complained that the shoes may not be true to size.
  • These sneakers didn’t last long for a couple of buyers.
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