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How to Buy Best Shoes for Foot Pain | Guide 2019

A Comprehensive Guide for Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis or Other foot Pains


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Going out to shop for shoes is fun. Pick a fashionable option, try it on, and if it feels like the right fit, there you go, you’ve found the right shoe for you. Is it this easy?

Most people, who spend their day out, rely on walking over to places and for that, a comfortable shoe is a necessity. Unfortunately, buying shoes off the rack with a simple fitting test might not be the most optimal way.

The best shoes for foot pain don’t only have enough space for your feet to slide in, rather, they fit perfectly and provide your feet and ankle the support they need. This helps you avoid foot pain or god forbid, an injury, and helps your feet with quality support.

To keep you from making the wrong decision, this article aims to inform you of some of the most important aspects, one should keep in mind, when buying shoes. Without further ado, let’s have a look:

1. The Intended Use of The Shoes:


Intended use? As silly as it sounds, people indulge in several different types of walking every day and it is better to pick a shoe based on your personal walking style than just its outer looks.

As an example, consider hiking. For this, you need shoes that are deemed right for fitness. Not those, which you may wear for a casual setting.

To get the best shoes for foot pain, you’ll definitely have to think of the right purpose for which you need the shoes. Sneakers, sports, casual, and others, they are all great options. However, you can’t simply run in a pair of casual shoes.

2. Keeping the Length of the Shoe in Check:


Try your shoe on, and wiggle your toes a little. Does it feel spacious enough? It should be! This area should be comfortable and spacious enough for your toes to rest.

Too much space may cause irritation and is not recommended. And quite obviously, if it feels tight, the shoe just isn’t right and will eventually result in foot pain.

Similarly, if you’re an avid lover of running, you may know that your feet continuously move under impact and thus, need a little more space. Sports shoes should be bought with this aspect in mind; a little more space in the toe box or else, it may cause blisters.

It is quite possible for both your foot to be of different sizes. And, if you’re not about to settle for anything less than the best shoes for foot pain, you should opt for the shoe which fits your larger foot.


3. Width of the Shoe:


Another important aspect when buying a shoe is keeping the width of the shoe and the width of your feet in mind.

It’s easier to overlook this when a shoe simply fits from heel to toe, however, a good and comfortable shoe must also cater the width of your feet.

Although there’s variation in widths from manufacture to manufacture, it is always recommended to get new measurements of your feet taken, so you may choose the best shoes for foot pain which do not cause you any harm in the future.

Apart from this, many shoes are also available in wider or narrower styles. Once again, checking your foot’s width against that of the shoe is the right way to select a shoe.

Many shops or manufacturers do provide a size guide for you to match your sizes and you should definitely use these to assess the right shoe properly.

It is also verified through studies that our feet tend to grow during the day or when you walk excessively. So, it’s a better option to go for shoe shopping then.

4. Shoe Weight and Required Support:


For everyday use, it is understandable to select shoes that are light, spacious, and can be quickly worn. However, heavier shoes are not recommended for everyday usage as they allow your feet to strain and cause additional harm in every raise.

Here’s the deal:

If you are slightly overweight or carry heavier items every now and then, your feet strain from the weight you lift and thus, they require additional support so no injury is observed.

Generally, the more weight your knees and ankles carry, the more support your shoes should provide so you may observe a steady walk. The right shoe for you, in this case, should have an extra-padded sole and the heels should be cushioned so that it doesn’t cause foot pain, burn, or irritation.

Ample cushioning should be provided so each step allows your foot to refrain from straining and absorb shock on the muscles.

5. Wearing a Sock:


Most people tend to forget the importance of socks play when choosing a shoe. Sure, in hot weather, you might have a lighter pair of socks on and try your shoe, feel it fits, and buy it. Come winter, you might have a complain that your shoes do not fit with your thick socks.

To buy the best shoes for foot pain, you have to make sure that space your shoe offers from the toes, sides, or the heels, should be well enough that after expansion or widening of your foot, there’s still enough space to cater the socks.

Also, if you think that buying a tight shoe and believing that it will eventually loosen is a bad thought. Your shoe should be comfortable enough from the get-go and fit with the socks on.

After you have learned about some of the necessary tips, its time to suggest some of the best shoes for foot pain available online. these shoes are picked after days of research.

The research includes analysis of product specification, quality, price, durability, comfortability as well as customer and expert reviews and their satisfaction.

Best Shoes for Foot Pain for Women

1. Gravity Defyer – Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Athletic Shoes:

best shoes for foot pain

Looking for best shoes for foot pain, heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis? Than these G-Defy Mighty Walk shoes could be the right choice.

These Diabetic friendly sneakers have a fabric-and-synthetic mesh upper which is durable, flexible, appealing and breezy keeping your feet secure, fit, dry and cool even after heavy running.

Moving on to its interior, these Arthritis friendly shoes feature a roomy toe box and a seamless interior that helps to reduce metatarsal pressure, prevent irritation for sensitive foot, provides extra room for bunions or diabetics and ensures enough space for your toes to easily wiggle.

Its lightweight, perfectly fitting structure and low-profile design is something you would definitely love when worn for the first time. Furthermore, its VersoShock sole along with an active shock absorber provides adequate stability, comfort, and balance to your foot.

For Plantar Fasciitis patients, the front Rocker Sole is added with removable insoles that support the midfoot and prevent the foot to suffer agony.

Along with its comfy features, these shoes are stylish, fancy and versatile enough to gain a lot of compliments from others. They are available in 7 different color combinations, 3 different widths and a wide range of sizes to accommodate almost everyone of any foot type.

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Buyer’s Reviews:

  • A Study conducted by Olive View USC Medical Center stated that these shoes helped relieve foot pain to a great extent.
  • These shoes have done miracles for many people with flat feet, supination, over-pronation, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis, etc.
  • About 81% of reviewers were very happy to buy these shoes as they are very comfortable, durable and provide above average arch support.
  • One of the reviewers claimed that these shoes reduced the chance of forming bunions, calluses, and corns for her.
  • Many reviewers have been wearing them for hours without any discomfort and bum or knee pain.
  • About 85% of the reviewers felt these shoes are true to size and width along with the right toe box.
  • These shoes are strong and durable enough to withstand wear and tear so you don’t need to buy a new pair anytime soon.
  • About 9% of the reviews received were negative.
  • Some of the reviewers were not a fan of its bulky style or thick sole.
  • A couple of users found these shoes too hard and uncomfortable giving them “standing on a brick” like feeling.
  • Toes pushed against the tip of the shoe according to a few users.
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2. Orthofeet – Coral – Best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis:

best shoes for foot pain

When it comes to Best shoes for Foot pain, what you want above all is a comfort. The Orthofeet coral takes you to the next level of comfort without compromising with looks and durability.

Unlike many ugly looking orthopedic shoes available in the market these shoes are appealing, stylish yet provide exceptional performance in comfortability.

Starting from its Upper, which is made out of breathable and stretchable mesh fabric which adapts the shape of the foot, helping people with a bunion or wide feet to get easy, flexible and painless experience throughout.

Wear them in summers or places with a hot environment like kitchens without any distress as its breathable upper and soft, seam-free interior lining will ensure sufficient airflow within the shoe to keep your foot dry, cool and odor free as well as protects the sensitive foot from friction against skin.

On the inside, these orthopedic sneakers offer premium orthotic insoles, cushioning layers and anatomical arch support which guarantees the “walking on a cloud” like experience along with relief from foot, knee, back and hip related pains caused due to neuropathy, arthritis, and diabetes.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the space inside the shoe with a pair of removable spacers to get a perfect fit and for further assistance, these shoes offer Extra-depth design due to which custom made orthotics can easily be added without sacrificing the inner space.

These non-slip shoes feature light-weight outsoles with Ergonomic-Stride™ design, to further enhance the comfortability, relieve pressure on the joints, enhance stability and help assist foot movement.

They are available in 3 different and appealing color combinations along with a wide range of sizes and medium, wide and extra wide widths to choose from. Its fancy and attractive design won’t make you feel regret to wear it on any occasion with any outfit.

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Buyer’s Reviews:

  • About 79% of the Reviews (among 1400+ Reviews analyzed) were positive, particularly praising its comfortability and stability.
  • It has proved to be an efficient solution for hammer toe, plantar fasciitis, over-pronation or over supination.
  • One of the reviewers stated that these shoes have a perfect fit, awesome support and amazing comfortability.
  • Whether it is running, tennis, walking or standing all day, these shoes have been tested in different conditions with almost positive results.
  • A peroneal tendonitis and Achilles fasciitis patient had a painless experience wearing them.
  • Its rounded Toe Box, cushioned heels and moderate arch support is praised by many reviewers.
  • About 6% of the reviews received were negative.
  • Few people felt these shoes are NOT true to size or width so you may have to buy a bit larger size.
  • Some of the reviewers found these shoes too hard, stiff and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Some people complained that it didn’t provide relief from problems like plantar fasciitis as claimed by the manufacturer.
  • A couple of reviewers complained that these shoes fell apart after a few months of use.
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3. ASICS – GEL-Venture® 6 – Running Shoes:

best shoes for foot pain

Get yourself an edge when you wear Gel-Venture 6 Running shoes by ASICS as they are amazingly comfortable along with good traction, sturdy support, and economical price tag.

Starting off with its Upper, which is made out of synthetic mesh fabric with breathable lining beneath it to ensure a reasonable amount of airflow within the shoe while running or walking, to keep the foot healthy, dry, cool and sweat free.

Furthermore, the upper is flexible and durable enough to adapt the foot shape and foot bending during activity, hence, giving you support on every step.

It is the Gel-Venture 6’s comfortability for which we have included it to our list of best shoes for foot pain. The shoes are equipped with Rearfoot GEL® cushioning system with a high-quality removable sock liner that absorbs shock upon impact, provide excellent cushioning and stability. You can easily replace the insole with a medical orthotics for customized fit and comfort.

To further enhance the comfortability and perfect fitting, these sneakers offer lace-up closure, padded collar, and cushioned tongue, giving you relief from plantar fasciitis, blisters or other health issues.

ASICS High Abrasion Rubber is used for the outsole, which is specially designed for trail running, giving you exceptional durability, traction and additional comfort on any terrain. So no matter what agony you are going through, these shoes will help you get relief so you can easily continue your daily activities, job, or hobbies like running or hiking.

They are available in 18 stylish color combinations which you would love to make them part of your collection. As for the sizes, they are available in a wide range of US standard sizes along with an option of wide width.

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Buyer’s Reviews:

  • About 86% of the buyers were very satisfied with the shoes, especially appreciating its comfortability, strong built and affordable price.
  • One of the reviewers suffering from under-pronation was glad to wear these shoes as it comforted her while walking and working all day long.
  • Many reviewers were quite impressed with the versatility of the shoes, they have been using them for work, running, walking, hiking and biking, etc.
  • Many users agreed that these shoes are far better than its ancestor version.
  • A lot of reviewers praised the option to replace the stock liner with a medical orthotic.
  • These shoes provide great traction and slip resistance due to which many were happy to wear without the fear of slip and fall.
  • About 4% of the reviews were negative regarding the shoes.
  • Some people felt them a bit heavier than others available in the market.
  • Few of the reviewers complained that these shoes are not True to Size. They were larger than the actual size.
  • A couple of users had blisters wearing them as they were uncomfortable for them.
  • One of the buyers found them stiff and rigid.
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In conclusion, buying a shoe doesn’t sound like a decision where you might have to think a lot, but, making the right decision is fairly important to avoid any foot pain or injuries.

There are hundreds of problems and painful instances you can definitely avoid by picking shoes which are fashionable but also offer a smooth walk, a fine run, and a comfortable fit.

Some of the best shoes for foot pain consider space, comfortability, and durability as the few important factors and allow your feet to have the support and rest they’ve been longing for so long.

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